The Cure to Devolution

I wonder, how many of us use intellectualization as a defense mechanism for the qalbi hole created by forgetting Allah? We analyze deen socially, racially, politically, economically, scientifically, and so on with whatever intellectual tools we have at our disposal. Yet, the desire to pray is no stronger and yaqeen still elusive. We are all... Continue Reading →


Yielding to the People of Knowledge

For the person who thinks his or her understanding of Islam is like that of the scholars: The Seventh Protocol: Yielding to the People of Knowledge What this means is the layperson must believe that the meanings and secrets of these literal expressions that have been concealed from him were not concealed from the messenger... Continue Reading →

There is nuance in life

It's funny how sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking our weaknesses are our strengths. We have forgotten that Muslims are a people of the ghayb. We believe in the ghayb because we have unquestionable knowledge about it from al-Haqq (The Truth) through al-Sādiq ﷺ (the truthful one). We know that underlying every apparent action –... Continue Reading →

Look, Our Deen Accepts What You Do!

Shaykh Ashraf `Ali al-Thanwi (May Allah have mercy on him) in his Malfuzat gave an example of some Muslims of his time who wanted to impress Hindus by showing how Islam accepted their ideas. Those Muslims quoted, "And do not insult those they call upon other than Allah" (Surah al-An`am: 108). Then, they explained that... Continue Reading →

Scholars need to be more relevant to the times

"Scholars need to be more relevant to the times" is just code-speak for "Scholars need to make halal what we are already doing." Be wary of those who bring the ways of politicians and progressive activists into spirituality. Rather, adopt the ways of those whose spirituality led them towards activism.

It’s the little things…

One of the secrets of the people of taqwa is what Imam al-Ghazali describes in his "The Forty Principles of the Religion" quoted below. The Tenth Principle - Following the Sunnah Know that the key to happiness is following the Sunnah and taking Allah's Messenger ﷺ as an example in all of his comings, goings,... Continue Reading →

Islamophobic tendencies

You have Islamophobic tendencies if: 1. You feel the need to 'watch' a Muslim whether in public or in your neighborhood. 2. You think the average Muslim that is just trying to get by, feed his or her family, and send his or her kids to school is something other than that. 3. You think... Continue Reading →

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